On Friday, April 22nd, Tennessee Financial Commissioner Greg Gonzales and his team spoke with HHS and RHS Seniors with the goal of sharing financial literacy tips for a successful future. Commissioner Gonzales is the 18th commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions, who began serving in the role in 2005, and was reappointed by Governor Bill Lee. He has served in the department since 1986. It is the mission of Commissioner Gonzales and his team to work with Governor Lee to safely reboot Tennessee’s economy.

Commissioner Gonzales and his team spoke on the difference between needs and wants;  importance of credit score and its impact on opportunities to get loans; how to build a budget; and how to pull a free credit report. In addition, Seniors learned the impact that poor credit can have on the lifespan of a loan. Seniors were given a host of information during Commissioner Gonzales’ visit in hopes that they will be a part of rebooting Tennessee’s economy. 

HHS and RHS would like to thank Commissioner Gonzales and his team for their visit and the impact their presentation will have on our students’ futures.