Chess Club Update

RMS Chess Club News

The RMS Chess Club is off to a great start for the 2018-2019 school year. Our numbers have doubled since last year and we now have thirty registered students. Many of this year’s members are new to the game of chess and in all cases, each one of them learned how to set up the board and how each piece moves by the end of his or her first meeting.

Each member of the chess club is getting better and better in play. Through our weekly meetings, we are seeing some great chess matches taking place. With the Tennessee scholastic chess tournament season beginning in January, the RMS Chess Club should have some good representation prepared for those matches. We will keep you posted.

Exciting News!

In September, the RMS Chess Club submitted a Donor’s Choose request to acquire $600 in new chess equipment. The goal was achieved two weeks ago, thanks to the generosity of four donors from these locales: Ripley, TN; Oak Park, Illinois; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Within four days of the financial goal being met, all the requested equipment was delivered to our school.  

Thank You

RMS Chess Club sponsor and advisor, Doug Billings, would like to recognize and thank Mr. Fred Strantz, a teacher from Ripley High School, for his help with the RMS Chess Club. “Mr. Strantz has been a tremendous asset to our club and its mission.” Billings said. “He is coaching the kids on strategies to help improve individual play and has become a great mentor and ambassador to the game of chess.”

It’s been a great start and looks like it will be a tremendous and productive year.

Keep playing…