Best for All

At the start of the 2021-22 school year, the Tennessee Department of Education introduced the Best for All recognition program. This program identified and recognized school districts that planned to spend federal COVID-19 relief and stimulus funding directly on student achievement and improving academic outcomes. Fewer than half of all districts statewide made this type of investment in its students. Lauderdale County Schools is one of 68 school districts being recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education as a Best for All District.

The Best for All program recognizes our district for the strategic plans and decisions we made with our federal COVID-19 relief and stimulus funding.  We are proud that our strategic plan has met the department’s qualifications to spend at least 50% of our ESSER 3.0 award amount on proven, research-based strategies to raise student academic achievement. One of the cornerstones of the Best for All program is the implementation of the TN ALL Corps tutoring program. Lauderdale County began this program in January to provide students with high dosage, low ratio tutoring opportunities. 

As a Best for All district, Lauderdale County Schools receives multiple benefits including:

  • Membership in Best for All/TN ALL Corps Community of Practice

  • State Report Card notation

  • Free access to high quality, online English-Language Arts and Math support and content

  • Free online high school tutoring services

  • Additional funding opportunities

  • Early enrollment in trainings

February 11th is the first Best for All Recognition Day in the state, and we’re proud to join alongside select other Tennessee school districts to learn from one another in the Best for All Community of Practice. And while the primary benefit of becoming a Best for All District is increased student achievement and accelerated growth, our system will continue to enjoy additional celebratory, financial, operational, and resource benefits. We are proud of this recognition, grateful for the additional support, and energized by the investments we're making in student futures and opportunities. You can learn more about Best for All District Recognition Day at

 You can view the LCS Best for All Highlights below.