School safety is not limited to recognizing and addressing negative behaviors and attitudes. It also involves changing the culture in our schools and communities. To do this, Lauderdale County Schools will continue the work of STARS’ MOVE2STAND program. The MOVE2STAND program was first introduced in 2017 to students and teachers in Grades 6-12. Since then, the program has encouraged positive and supportive relationships between students and their peers and teachers.

Founded in 1984, STARS has proven and lasting results including: 

  • strengthened youth resistance

  • increased refusal and decision-making skills related to alcohol, drugs, sexual activity and violence

  • increased school attachment

  • increased positive orientation to his/her own future

  • promoted youth involvement in their community

MOVE2STAND is an interactive training program that challenges students to examine their attitudes toward bullying and harassment. This one-day youth summit creates empathy and helps young leaders understand how bullying impacts school climate and communities. Through self-reflection and group activities, participants will better understand themselves, their peers, and their impact on their school’s climate and culture.

In the United States, 1 in 5 students report being bullied. After completing the MOVE2STAND training, 79% of students reported that they learned new tools to help stop bullying. 80% of students reported that MOVE2STAND changed the way they think about bullying and harassment. 

To hear more about the impact MOVE2STAND has had on Lauderdale County students and faculty, click here.