bright spot

Lauderdale County Schools was recently recognized in the Tennessee Department of Education’s Accelerating TN Tour 2021: Bright Spots Guide. Commissioner Penny Schwinn visited Ripley Elementary School on June 22 for a snapshot of Summer Learning Camp instruction and engagement. Though Commissioner Schwinn’s visit was limited to RES, all schools across Lauderdale County were immersed in rigorous learning and enrichment through the use of high quality instructional materials and STREAM camps.

“This past summer, Tennessee school districts launched rich academic programs and thoughtfully prioritized student and family engagement to help their students get extra learning time and recover from a very tough school year. In doing so, they built tremendous momentum for students and staff heading into a brand new and still very tough school year,” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “There is a lot of work that lies ahead, but after seeing what Tennessee accomplished this summer for its students, I believe our public schools are proving what’s possible.”

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