Lauderdale County Schools has been in the process of planning and carrying out needed building improvements since 2016.  Many of the school district's main priorities include mechanical, facade improvement, roofing, and HVAC work.  The district completed a full facility assessment in 2016 and developed a 5 year plan to address its biggest capital improvement needs.  The school district has secured funds that will address a majority of these needs over the next 3 years and will be largely cost neutral to the county due to the use of federal grant funds.  This multi-million dollar improvement process is underway and work is already beginning in several places this year.

In addition to the facility improvements outlined in the capital improvement process, the school district has been researching the possibility of funding a new baseball/softball and tennis complex for Halls High School.  The project in Ripley would include a new football stadium and regulation track and field facility.  Funding details for these projects have not been finalized, but the plan is to use existing funds for these projects with NO planned request of new funds from the county and NO proposed tax increase for citizens.

The athletic facility plans are in the very early stages of planning and will require months of continued work to build the entire scope.  There will be much more detailed information shared with the public including a chance to offer feedback to the proposed projects.  Academics are our number one priority, but we also know how important that athletics are to our students and the community as a whole.  It is our goal to improve the experience for our student athletes, their families, and the community as a whole!

More information will be forthcoming on these proposed projects in the coming weeks and months.