Veterinary and Animal Science Program of Study

Veterinary and Animal Science is designed for students interested in learning more about becoming a veterinarian, vet tech, vet assistant, or pursuing a variety of scientific, health, or agriculture professions. In this program of study, course content covers such topics and skills as principles of health and disease, basic animal care and nursing, clinical and laboratory procedures, and the anatomical/physiological systems of a range of small and large animals. Upon completion of this program of study, students will be prepared to pursue further studies in the veterinary and animal sciences at the postsecondary level.

At Ripley High School, this pathway is taught by Mrs. Samantha Robison.  Mrs. Robison is a licensed veterinary technician, as well as an educator.  In the Animal Science pathway, students advance through four courses.  The introductory course is Agriscience, where students explore the world of Agriculture while applying skills necessary to succeed in physical science.  In the second course, Small Animal Care and Management, students dive into the world of small animal medicine.  Topics covered within this course include welfare and ethics, animal handling, anatomy and physiology, as well as breed identification of companion animal species. The next course in this pathways is Large Animal Science.  In this course students are educated on the livestock industry.  Similar topics are covered as with Small Animal Science, but related to livestock.

The final course offered within this pathway at the senior level is Veterinary Science.  In this course, students put their knowledge to use and practice clinical skills needed in the veterinary setting.  Students in this course have recently had the ability to vaccinate, de-worm, and perform physical exams on a litter of puppies headed for rescue.  Previously, Mrs. Robison and her Veterinary Science classes have assisted Lauderdale County Animal Shelter by collecting/delivering donations, promoting adoptions, and providing puppy foster care.  As the students’ interests in this area grow, so will our learning opportunities.

Pictured Above:  Students Anthony W. and Emmaleigh W. are practicing physical exams on Golden Retriever, Ellie Mae.