Info tech

LCS Students Have Access to Information Technology Career Courses

Informational Technology careers involve the design, development, support and management of hardware, software, multimedia and systems integration services. The IT industry is a dynamic and entrepreneurial working environment that has a revolutionary impact on the economy and society. In addition to careers in the IT industry, IT careers are available in every sector of the economy- from financial services to medical services, business to engineering and environmental services. Students preparing for a career in IT should have a solid grounding in math and science. 

In the 2019-2020 school year a new program of study was implemented in the form of Computer Science. These courses are taught by Coach Timothy Grapes. There are several classes being offered within this program, ranging from Intro. to Computer Science to Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science. Through these classes students have the chance to learn computer coding, how it works, and gain some perspective of how the code they write transforms into what we see on computers, television, etc. They also are able to see how the coding they learn is used in an array of professions from the medical field and auto industry, to the agricultural field, and of course the gaming industry. The AP version of this class delves deeper into the coding world and allows students the opportunity to take the AP test at the culmination of the class with the possibility of earning college credit upon passing score. Students who do exceptionally well in this course of study have the opportunity of obtaining a scholarship from Amazon and a guaranteed paid internship at Amazon as well.

Students also have the opportunity to expand and hone their skills through building robots that they are then able to apply coding in order to operate. Two 3-D printers were purchased this past year that students are able to use and potentially gain a certification in 3-D Printing.

The opportunity for the Computer Science classes were awarded to Ripley High School through an application and interview process through Amazon’s Edhesive Future Engineer Program. All curriculum and coursework is provided and aligned with TDOE standards.