Lauderdale County Schools' Targeted Learning Series (TLS) Program begins on Monday, February 1.  The TLS Program will provide virtual LIVE instruction and homework assistance for English/Language Arts and Math. While the program is available for grades 1-12, each grade band has scheduled the time differently. 

For RMS students, there will be three available 30-minute sessions between 5:30PM-7:00PM. Two sessions will provide live instruction and one session will provide homework assistance. Students are encouraged to join and remain on sessions to receive the most academic benefit. Weekly learning schedules will be posted to allow time for families to review information and plan accordingly. Due to Family-Teacher Conferences and President’s Day, the TLS schedule will be adjusted for the first three weeks of the program. Please be sure to review each week’s schedule for dates that sessions are available.

To attend Targeted Learning Series (TLS) sessions, RMS students will need to join their grade and subject TLS Google Classrooms. Please see the Google Slides below outlining how to join our TLS Google Classes and Meets. Please note that non-LCS Google accounts will not be able to access these Google classes. 

How to Join Google Classes

 Week 1 Instruction Schedule