Schools to Remain on Hybrid Schedule with Extended Learning Opportunities

On January 19, the Lauderdale County Board of Education met to discuss the school operating calendar and voted to keep the staggered, odd/even schedule for the remainder of the school year.   With the uncertainty around delayed vaccines and current COIVD numbers, the board decided that bringing students back in March or later was not worth the unknown risks of the virus on students, employees, and the community.

The school district completed its implementation of 1:1 student computers in December.  With these technology resources now in hand, schools are currently working to increase live interactions for students who are at home on alternating days or on full remote learning.  More information will follow, but students and parents should expect to see more direct online tutoring and live instruction, primarily in English and Math.  Over the coming weeks, your child's school will communicate with you regarding extended learning opportunities for students.

In an effort to keep students on track, Lauderdale County will also be offering 6 weeks of summer learning camps for students in grades K-8 with other opportunities available for high school students.  The school district and your child's school will be releasing more information about this opportunity in the coming weeks and months leading up to the end of the school year.