Spotlighting LCS' Architecture and Construction Career Cluster

This career cluster prepares learners for careers in designing, planning, managing, building and maintaining the building environment. People employed in this cluster work on new structures, restorations, additions, alterations and repairs.

The Structural Systems program of study at Halls High School prepares students with the knowledge and skills related to residential and commercial carpentry. Course content covers wood, metal, and concrete building materials, fasteners, hand and power tools, fabrication based on construction plans, framing of platform and post-and-beam structures, stairs, structural loads, installation and trim of windows and doors, installation and repair of gypsum wallboard, exterior finish work, cabinet installation, and thermal and moisture protection. 

Architecture and construction comprise one of the largest industries in the United States. Based on the latest statistics, this career cluster has 13.8 million jobs. In the next few years, many new jobs will be added and many employment opportunities will result from the need to replace experienced workers who leave jobs.

Although 2020 was challenging, students still had great accomplishments. They were able to learn how to turn ink pen on the wood lathe. This taught them how to find the centers of a piece of wood, how to use calipers, and how to apply finish to their piece and most importantly how to take pride in their work. One student was selected to attend Caterpillar school and 17 students earned OSHA 10 certification in 2020 despite the global pandemic. Mr. Bruce Davis, instructor of structural systems, and students are looking forward to the spring semester with returning to the shop for more hands on activities.

Students working on OSHA 10 certification

 Ink pens created by students.

Duck Call Project                               

Cabinet built by students