In the new year, Lauderdale County Schools will participate in a school-year book delivery program for students in early grades sponsored by the Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation and the Tennessee Department of Education.  Students in kindergarten through third grade will receive Scholastic book packs mailed directly to their home at no cost to the district or family.  The book packs consist of ten high-quality, grade-appropriate books and “think sheets” for students to complete with their families.  Also, kindergarten-third grade teachers will receive ten books for their classroom libraries. The K-3 school-year book delivery program follows up on a successful summer reading pilot where K-3 students in Lauderdale County received two book packs during the summer.  

Researchers note the need for students to read outside of school as they continue to build those critical early literacy skills, expand their vocabulary, and build knowledge about the world around them.  The district’s PreK-3 families also have access to an evidence-based family engagement curriculum delivered via text messages.  Family members and caregivers will receive a weekly text message with fun facts and easy tips on promoting their child’s development by building on daily home routines.

Ongoing family support and access to quality books are critical during these challenging times.  The district is grateful for the help of the Governor's Early Literacy Foundation and the Tennessee Department of Education as we work together to ensure our early learners build a firm literacy foundation for future instruction.