Over the last several weeks, teachers have been training students on the use of new technology in the classroom.  Lauderdale County Schools has purchased and distributed over 3,600 laptops for students to use at home and at school.  Just this week, students were allowed to begin transporting their laptops back and forth between school and home.  This allows students to use their devices at home to stay connected with their teachers and to complete their assignments.

Mrs. Beth Meeks, HES teacher, was proud to share the great work her students have been doing with the new devices.  Tony P., pictured with Mrs. Meeks below, took his laptop home for the very first time yesterday.  Mrs. Meeks was excited when Tony emailed her from home to ask if he could work ahead on his assignments using his newly issued laptop.  Tony received a “shout-out” over the school’s intercom for his extra effort.

Remote learning students have had their laptops at home for several weeks, but now every student in the county is able to work from home.  Students are able to work on educational platforms in English Language Arts and Math, which are identical to the curriculum being used in their classroom.  Through the new devices, students have access to online learning materials for all of their academic courses; Math, English/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  High School students have online access to nearly every single course offered at the high school.  The online platforms also allow for students to communicate directly with their teachers.

This new initiative is one that students are definitely excited about.  With all of the challenges that COVID-19 has brought our schools, this new 1:1 laptop program is one positive that will remain long after COVID is gone.  Each school deserves a big thanks in making this initiative a success for all students.  For a brief overview of the online platforms available to teachers and students, please click here.