RMS Remote Learning Update

The 2020-2021 school year brought about changes and challenges for educators, families, and students. However, it has also created opportunities for creativity, innovation, and resiliency. The introduction of remote learning in addition to in-person learning was an area of uncharted territory for schools globally. Without a recent example to work from, administrators and teachers have spent hours in collaboration developing procedures and practices that will best serve our students.

RMS began the school year with over 200 remote students. This meant that our student population of approximately 600 students was split almost evenly into thirds – a third learning remotely, a third learning on odd days, and a third learning on even days. In order to meet the myriad of needs for each group, RMS opted to have three remote learning instructors for students in grades 6-8. RMS appreciates the innovation and dedication of Mr. Bursey, Ms. Byrd, and Ms. Sherman, RMS remote teachers, for laying the foundation for an exceptional remote learning program.

Due to increased requests for in-person learning following Fall Break, two remote teachers assumed in-person learning roles for the 2nd grading period. All core subject teachers were tasked with facilitating remote learning classes for the remaining remote learners. Teachers were informed of this transition the week prior to Fall Break. RMS teachers participated in several PLCs diving into Google Classroom and additional remote learning programs to provide the same instruction as in-person learners.

RMS Administration recently made home visits to some remote learning families. These visits served as a “pulse check” for remote learner progress. RMS Principal, Cindy Anderson, spoke with families regarding student academic progress and strategies for successfully completing the remainder of the grading period. James Barbee, RMS Assistant Principal, assisted students with navigating remote learning technology and troubleshooting common technology issues. Families were also able to schedule in-person help sessions for individualized support based on learning needs.

For families who were unavailable, progress reports and informational flyers were left at the residence. RMS Administration highly recommends that remote learning students join Ms. Byrd’s weekly Google Meet sessions where upcoming assignments are reviewed. Sessions are held virtually on Mondays and Thursdays at the following times:

 8:50-10:10                   8th grade

10:20-11:40                 6th grade

1:20-2:40                     7th grade