Tiger Town Concessions

DECA is a multinational student organization that focuses on building the next generation of leaders in the areas of marketing and business management. Here at HHS, our DECA chapter participates in competitive events, fundraising, and other school activities. One of their newest ventures is starting a School-Based Enterprise, or SBE. SBE’s are a relatively new part of DECA, but they are a valuable tool when it comes to hands-on education. Students work to create and manage a business and provide written reports that detail the productivity and operation of the business.

The DECA students at HHS are now managing the new and improved Tiger Town Concessions located in the gym lobby. Students are responsible for inventory, cost analysis, ordering, marketing, and have even developed a point of sale system to track sales and inventory. In January of 2021, the student will submit their business plan to DECA in order to become a Certified School-Based Enterprise.

As of today there are only six certified food service SBEs in the State of Tennessee. Some of the new additions to the concession stand include 3 new coolers donated from Burks Beverage, 2 stainless steel warmers purchased by the Halls Booster Club, and updated floor and facade coverings completed by the maintenance department.