The Ripley Middle School Lady Tigers will host Brighton tonight with a double header beginning at 5:00 PM. We wish the Lady Tigers the best of luck!!!

There are some very important COVID guidelines that athletes, spectators, officials, and administrators will have to follow for all RMS events to make them successful and ensure that they will be able to continue throughout the school year.

The gate will not open until 4:30 or until after the visiting team has arrived. Face masks and temperature checks for all people entering the gym will be required. All parents and students are to remain in the bleachers at all times. Families coming into the game together should sit together in the bleachers, and socially distance (6 feet away) from others. Any student of any age will not be allowed into the gym without a parent/legal guardian to escort them. Students who enter the game will have to either sit with their family, or socially distance from other students in the bleachers. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in removal from the event and a possible ban from future events. RMS will only be allowing 1/3 capacity so there will be plenty of room in the bleachers. Once the maximum capacity is reached, no one will be allowed entrance other than contest participants and officials. There will be no exceptions.

When spectators leave the gym at the conclusion of the event, they must go directly to the exit, there will absolutely be no lingering around on the floor. Families should also be socially distanced as they exit. There will be no concessions for any RMS event for the remainder of 2020. Parents will be allowed to bring a plastic bottle into the game, but are expected to discard of it properly when finished. The restrooms will be open during the match but trips will need to be extremely limited. 

While things may be a little different at extracurricular events this season, it is important to remember the bigger picture that these student-athletes are being given an opportunity to play. It is on us, the school staff and community to make sure we do everything possible to follow these guidelines so our students can have a successful, fully completed season. Best of luck to RMS Lady Tigers tonight, and we look forward to seeing you here.