Important Remote Learning Information - 8-13-2020 (Download in PDF)

Remote learning provides students with the ability to be enrolled in Lauderdale County Schools without attending in-person. The goal is to provide all students with a high-quality education and supportive learning environment to meet their individual needs. We strongly believe, and research supports, that in-person learning where students interact with their teachers and peers is the best environment for student success. However, we know that the 2020-21 school year presents a challenge for some students and families to engage with in-person learning. As a result, we are pleased to offer families with a full-time remote learning option for the 2020-21 school year.

Commitments for Remote Learning

Schools commit to:
·       students with remote learning activities that reinforce grade-level standards.
·       students with high-quality instruction.
·       learning through various methods such as:  paper-based activities, google classroom and other online sites, pre-recorded lessons, or zoom/meet sessions.
·       instruction designed to meet the needs of diverse learners, with accommodations as needed.
·       communication to families concerning student academic progress.
Families commit to:
·       attend orientation and all other meetings concerning remote learning scheduled by the school.
·       read and understand student’s schedule and work expectations.
·       ensuring student’s daily attendance and engagement for all required learning activities.
·       review student work and teacher feedback with students.
·       communicate regularly with student’s remote teachers and schools.                                                                                             
Students commit to:
·       attend to daily assignments and follow schedule provided by the school.
·       stay engaged in learning with all assignments, paper-based or online.
·       complete all assignments on time for submission and with integrity.
·       review regular feedback from teachers on assignments.
·       engage in any required online sessions if scheduled by teacher.
·       use technology responsibly and appropriately. 
·       reach out to teachers as needed for assistance.
In order to participate in the full-time remote learning option, students will need access to a technology device during regular school hours.  Lauderdale County Schools has prioritized the purchase of laptops to support schools during the COVID-19 pandemic; however, due to increased demand, the district’s first order of devices may not be available for students to check-out until mid-September. More specific information about device availability will be provided at a later date.

Although laptops may not be available for checkout for several more weeks, online resources, lessons, and curriculum platforms will begin to be rolled out throughout the months of August and September.  As these resources become available, teachers will be trained on the online platforms and access should be available to students mid-September. All schools are planning for parent/student orientation and implementation of the various online instructional tools, and this process takes time.
Many of the online resources are still being created by the curriculum developers.  Until these resources and technology are ready, K-8 schools will provide instruction through weekly assignment pick-ups and drop offs scheduled by the schools.  These assignments are required to be completed and returned weekly for grading.  The first scheduled date for pick up of remote student assignments is Monday, August 17.  The drop off will be one week later.  During drop-off, parents should return their student’s work and pick up the next week’s assignments. This process will occur until all online platforms can be established and our student and family orientations takes place.  Be sure your child’s school has your correct contact information (phone numbers and email) so that you are able to receive all updates. 
Families must also provide reliable and consistent internet connectivity. At this time, Lauderdale County Schools does not have the ability to provide resources for internet connectivity.  Families in need of internet access can find more information on discounted internet rates here.  The district also released a remote learning guide for families on August 5th which may be found here.
To participate in remote learning, students and families must sign and agree to the district’s acceptable use policies for device, communication, and internet usage. This will take place during the required remote learning orientation which your school will schedule with you in the next few weeks.
Online resources being established for students:

K – 8th Grade English Language Arts 
Great Minds, Wit and Wisdom, is the ELA curriculum used for students.  At this time, Great Minds is creating an online platform, in Sync, which should be fully functional by mid-September.  Until that time, teachers will provide paper copies of all instruction and student work. Click here for more information.
K – 2nd Grade EL Skills Block
EL Skills Reading Foundational Skills program will provide daily opportunities for students to learn and practice foundation skills. Until that time, teachers will provide decodable readers, student practice sheets, and manipulatives to guide students and support families in the development of foundational reading skills.
Click here for more information.
K – 5th Grade Math
Great Minds, Eureka Math, is the curriculum used for students. Like, ELA, Great Minds is creating the same in Sync online platform that should be functional by mid-September. Until that time, teachers will provide paper copies of all instruction and student work. Students will also have access to their student practice and fluency workbooks or assigned pages beginning Monday, August 17. Click here for more information.
6 – 8th Grade Math
Curriculum Associates, Ready Math, is the curriculum used for students. iReady will be the online platform used for instructional tutorials and assignments. This site should be functional in the coming weeks once all student data is loaded into the program. Students will be provided their own Ready Instruction books and Practice and Problem-Solving books which will be available Monday, August 17. Click here for more information.

3 – 8th Grade Science
HMH Science is the curriculum used for students.  Think Central is the online platform students will use that provides student editions (pdfs), virtual labs, and video-based projects. Students will be provided their science books Monday, August 17, to complete assignments. Click here for more information.
3 – 8th Grade Social Studies
Gallopade (3-4th), Gibbs Experience State History (5th), and McGraw Hill (6-8th) will be the curriculum used for social studies. All of these provide online resources for teachers and students to support paper-based learning and some online activities and assessments.
9 – 12th Grade All Subjects
Edmentum will be the online platform used in-class and for online instruction with high school students for all subjects.  Orientation for high schools is occurring the week of August 10-14 to provide information on student access and platform instruction. Click here for more information.
K – 12 Google Classroom 
All teachers have been trained and given access to google classroom during teacher orientation. This platform will house teacher assignments, student work, and assessments. Once all online subscriptions and platforms are in place, teachers will use google classroom as a means for instruction, giving and receiving student work, and communicating with students. Click here for more information.

As you can see, a well-established plan for all students (remote and in-person) is in place.  Roll out of online learning platforms will occur during the months of August and September as they are released by the vendors and are fully accessible.  Until then, remote students will be provided the same access to high-quality curriculum through traditional assignments. 
Although we realize that nothing can compare to the value of in-person instruction by our educators, we are committed to provide our remote students with the best instructional resources that we have available now and in the future.  Over the next weeks, we are confident that we will reach our goal of a rigorous and high quality online experience for our students.  As always, we appreciate your continued support and patience during these unprecedented times.