As schools begin summer athletic activities under the guidance of state and federal officials, please see below the general guidance provided to schools and coaches regarding a limited, phase one reopening of athletic activities in Lauderdale County for Summer 2020.  Phase two gatherings/practices will be considered upon further guidance from state government and healthcare officials.  Please note that no student will be penalized in any way for not participating in these voluntary phase one activities.

More information may be found at the following link, including a parental permission form:

Phase One COVID-19 Health Expectations

Safety will be the guiding principle for student activities and teams as summer workouts and trainings reopen in Lauderdale County Schools.  The school district is implementing Phase One COVID-19 Health Expectations to help lower COVID-19 exposure and reduce its potential spread during summer activities.  Participation in these activities is completely voluntary and no student will be penalized for non-participation.  Expectations for coaches and players include limiting groups to nine or fewer players, strict guidelines for arrival and departure, no congregating, and other related procedures.  As activities slowly resume, participants are required to follow specific Phase One COVID-19 Health Expectations as noted below:

  • Participants who are sick or have been exposed to someone who may be sick are to STAY AT HOME and not participate.
  • 6-foot social distancing of players and coaches is a requirement; every individual must maintain a minimum of 6 feet from all other players and coaches.   
  • All equipment and gear will be sanitized after each workout session.  Cleaning towels will be washed daily. 
  • Workout sessions (ex. 1.5 hours) will be scheduled with a mandatory 30-minute interval between each session for cleaning and for ensuring players exit campus without congregating in parking lots or other areas.  Coaches will be responsible for cleaning and making sure players do not congregate.
  • A maximum of 9 players and 1 coach per location or workout space will be allowed.
    • Athlete groups must consist of the same 9 players each session.
    • No rotation of athletes between groups is allowed.
    • Coaches will wear face coverings when working close to students in a confined space in an effort to reduce the spread among groups.
    • Hand sanitizer should be made available at various work out spaces
  • As space permits, a limited number of athlete groups may be on campus during any one block of time; coaches must ensure that groups are not able to come in contact with other groups by designating different pick-up and drop-off locations. 
  • No player-to-player contact or contact drills will be allowed during Phase One.  Examples:  1 player per weight room rack or 1 player per basketball goal. 
  • No community water bottles will be allowed; players must bring their own drink from home or use bottled water.  Players are NOT permitted to share or handle bottles of other players.
  • Locker rooms should remain locked and closed until further notice.  Players should be properly equipped and ready to participate.
  • If restrooms are necessary, each workout space should have a designated restroom for its players, with the restroom being disinfected between groups.
  • Players may wear a cloth face covering or mask, if desired.
  • Parents and spectators will not be allowed near workout spaces; parents who want to observe outdoor sessions should remain in their vehicles at all times.
  • Any player who is uncomfortable with small group workouts will be excused without penalty.  Parents and players are to communicate with the coaching staff if they do not wish to participate in these optional activities.
  • No team sports or camps will be permitted at this time.  Future phases will be announced once further guidance is provided from school and/or health authorities.

Coaches are required to submit a Phase 1 Plan to the school principal specifying how the above expectations will be regulated during workouts and training sessions.  Before any activities may begin within a sport or activity, the plan must be approved by the principal.  The detailed plan will include:  1) Outline of specific workout/training spaces, equipment arrangement with assurances to maintain 6-foot distancing, and management of pick up/drop-off locations; 2) Staggered group scheduling with dates and times to prevent athlete groups from coming in contact with other groups; 3) Cleaning protocols for all items and surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected between groups, such as equipment, balls, seats, doorknobs, light switches, faucets, sinks, toilets, etc.  Coaches may revise their plans as needed and re-submit for approval.