National School Nurse Day on the Wednesday of National Nurses Week honors all school nurses who care for the children in the schools every day. School nurses promote learning through working to insure our students are healthy.  

School nurses are often the first place a student thinks to go when they don’t feel well or have been hurt. But they also provide a wealth of information that supports a successful education as well. The observance reminds us of all the reasons the nurse is available to your school. They provide more than bandaids for scrapes on the playground and check for fevers when a child shows the first sign of illness. School nurses are first responders for medical concerns and administer mid-day doses of medication.  In a school setting, school nurses make referrals for pediatric care when necessary. As a team member, school nurses play a vital role in guiding students to healthy lifestyles. 

Join us in thanking our school nurses on this special day!