Class of 2020

Information on Year-End Events for High Schools

As the school year has come to an abrupt end, school leaders, teachers, sponsors, and coaches have been working on ways to recognize Lauderdale County students.  With traditional banquets, scholarship recognition, and awards ceremonies unable to occur, high schools will be posting several items online highlighting and celebrating the accomplishments of our students.  Many videos, presentations, live-streaming events, and social media posts will be happening throughout the month of May.  Please continue to watch the district’s website ( for information on all of the upcoming events.  Below is a list of a few of the items which will be occurring throughout the month.

  • Graduation – (see earlier announcement here)
    • Live streams of all graduation ceremonies will occur as follows on the school district’s YouTube Channel (
      • RHS – May 18 @ 5:00pm (Students A-I)
      • RHS – May 18 @ 8:00pm (Students J-Z)
      • HHS – May 19 @ 7:00pm
  • End of Year Events Posted Online – Watch the district/school websites, social media (Twitter & Facebook), and YouTube for these events.  Schools will release additional information once these pre-recorded events/presentations are placed online for viewing.
    • Ripley High School
      • May 11 – Scholarship Recognition
      • May 12 – Academic Awards Presentation
      • May 14 – Pre-Recorded Baccalaureate Program
    • Halls High School
      • May 11 – Clubs/Organizations Presentation
      • May 12 – Scholarship Recognition Presentation
      • May 13 – Winter & Spring Sports Recognition
      • May 15 - Pre-Recorded Baccalaureate Program