1. How long will schools be closed?  It is possible that the school closures will continue beyond March 31.  However, local officials will await guidance from federal and state authorities on re-opening schools.
  2. Will students have to make up school in the summer time?  At this point, there is no indication that students will have to attend school through June and July.  LCS will continue to monitor and share the very best information available.
  3. Will school offices be open in the absence of students?  No. Schools are closed to the general public and admin staff will be present during the week of March 23 until further notice.  Teachers who need in the building for supplies and materials should coordinate visits with their principal.
  4. Will Central Office be open during the school closure.  Yes and no.  Central Office will be open for business, but closed to the general public.  We will lock doors and encourage anyone doing business to call or email before visiting.  This arrangement may change based on illness patterns and risk to employees.
  5. Will all extracurricular activities be canceled? Under current guidance from the Governor’s office and the federal government, the answer is yes.  This will not change without further guidance from the proper authorities.
  6. Are all Spring sports canceled?  On March 17, TSSAA met to discuss the fate of the Spring sports season.  At this point, no ruling has been made and they are looking at the possibility of keeping tournaments in place, in the event the season can resume at a later date.  TSSAA did note that the Governor’s recommendation is for “no activity”, including practices, workouts, etc. until March 31.  Schools will await further guidance from the State of TN and TSSAA.  At this point, the seasons are not canceled, but postponed until further notice.
  7. Where can I find additional information from Lauderdale County Schools? Twitter: @LaudCoSchools, Facebook, and www.Lced.net/news.