In light of the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus and the wide spread precautions being taken across the state, Lauderdale County Schools is planning for the possibility of an extended school closure beyond Spring Break.  At the moment, state officials are not recommending the closure of schools in communities without clinically confirmed cases of the virus.  We will assess the risk each day as this event changes and make the best decisions for us as we move forward.  Our President has declared a national state of emergency which will help guide the state's work in moving forward as it relates to public health and our schools.

These are unprecedented times which are requiring unprecedented measures.  Over the coming days, we will be working hard to keep people informed on important topics related to our school district’s response.  In the event of an extended school closure, we will work to deliver instructional materials and lessons on our websites and through social media, if and when possible.

There are so many questions that have yet to be answered, as this is an ever-changing and very complicated event.  I hope you all enjoy your Spring break and that you and your families stay well.  Much more information is yet to come!

--Shawn Kimble, Superintendent