Kind people

Project AWARE students and staff will be promoting a KINDness campaign, during the week of March 9-13, in all Lauderdale County Schools. AWARE students will be promoting KINDness in a variety of different ways at each grade level.  HHS, HJH, RHS, and RMS students will be participating in a KINDness challenge throughout the week which will highlight several different activities about kindness and consideration.  At HES, RES, and RPS, AWARE students will be sharing various quotes about KINDness to the students during the morning announcements. They will also be handing out various worksheets and coloring pages to younger students, which promote behaviors related to KINDness.  AWARE students will also be decorating the sidewalks with KINDness pictures and quotes throughout the week.

On Friday, March 13, KINDness t-shirts will be allowed for any student or staff member who purchased one.  For any student or staff member who was unable to purchase a shirt, we are asking them to please wear Green.  The goal of the week is to bring attention to our behaviors and encourage people to always be considerate and kind to one another.