More than 3,000 West TN 8th Graders Visit Pathways2Possibilities in Lauderdale County

HTL Advantage hosted the inaugural Pathways2Possibilites: P2P West Tennessee 2020 Career Expo. About 3,500 8th graders attended from public and private schools representing the following West Tennessee counties: Haywood, Tipton, Lauderdale, Crockett, Dyer, Fayette, Gibson, Hardeman, Lake, Madison and Obion. P2P is a unique, hands-on, interactive, career exploration experience designed for 8th graders.  P2P is a great opportunity for students to take the first steps in thinking about, making decisions, and planning for their career future. Each student spent more than 90 minutes on the expo. floor exploring, engaging with professionals, and gaining insights into what their career future might look like.

P2P published a guide to the expo outlining the career fields for each organization represented at the event. Each page lists possible jobs and careers within a specific professional field. Students could see expected salary ranges plus the education and training required to obtain those positions. There is no doubt that this expo is a beneficial, meaningful, and rewarding experience for all students and educators.

The next four years are critical for you and your 8th grader. It is our goal to engage, educate and empower every student who attends P2P, by exposing them to the wide variety of career options available in their communities and across the State of Tennessee.  The goal is to continue the expo. each year in Lauderdale County and expand on its first year of success.

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