​  2020 County 4-H Public Speaking Contest

Recently, Lauderdale County 4-H had a county wide public speaking contest for youth to show off their speaking skills.  In grades 4th- 6th, students from Ripley Middle, Ripley Elementary and Halls Elementary presented their speeches to the class during 4-H time in January.  Class winners then were asked to compete on the county level in February.


This year, we had 15 public speaking finalists who qualified for the county contest, with over 50 students county-wide who tried out during class.  Speeches in each grade had to be a pre-determined length of time for each age group and participants had to be dressed for success.  The Bank of Ripley sponsored ribbons and prize money for youth placing in the top 3 for each grade.


County first place winners from each grade will advance on to the sub-regional speaking contest, which will take place on Tuesday, March 10th, at Crockett County Middle School in Alamo, TN.  


Congratulations is in order to every participant who competed, regardless of placing.  These young people stepped up and out of their comfort zones to take the first step towards being a stronger leader in their community.


Grade Winners:

4th Grade: 1st – Kameron Smith (HES), 2nd – Abby Lynch (HES), 3rd – Lakely Steadman (RES)

5th Grade: 1st –Mackenzie Roberts (HES), 2nd – Lily Simpson (HES), 3rd- Emya Brown (HES)  

6th Grade: 1st- Dakota Merchant (HES), 2nd – Amina Sorsor (HES), 3rd – Hunter Green (HES)



Other county contestant finalists with honorable mentions are as followed:

  • 4th Grade-Rayna Watkins (HES)
  • 5th Grade- Laroy Sorsor (HES), Alexis Kirkland (HES)
  • 6th Grade- Arden Pilcher (HES), Cheyenne Fitzhugh (RMS), & Markya Brown (RMS)