Grade 6 Top Tiger- Jamarcus S.  

Our Grade 6 Top Tiger is Jamarcus S. Jamarcus’ favorite subject in school is Social Studies and he enjoys researching historical information. He also enjoys reading books. Jamarcus’ favorite part of middle school is being able to visit the library and learning in all of his classes. In the future, Jamarcus plans to become an archaeologist. 

Grade 7 Top Tiger- Blaine N.

Our Grade 7 Top Tiger is Blaine N. Blaine’s favorite subject in school is Science. In his free time, Blaine enjoys playing video games, playing outside with his brother, riding his dirtbike, listening to music, and swimming in the summertime. One of Blaine’s favorite parts of middle school is the amount of freedom compared to elementary school. Blaine also enjoys his teachers and that his classes are more interesting at this level. In the future, Blaine plans to become a computer engineer.

Grade 8 Top Tiger- U’Kari H.

Our Grade 8 Top Tiger is U’Kari H. U’Kari’s favorite subject in school is English/Language Arts. In her free time, U’Kari enjoys drawing and designing as well as spending time with her mom. U’Kari’s favorite part of middle school are her specialty classes and all of the activities that are offered. In the future, U’Kari plans to become a veterinarian.