Curriculum and Instruction

Did You Know?

  • Students at Ripley Middle School will have brand new curriculum materials in grade 6-8 ELA and Math. 

Why is This Important?

  • Students across grade levels in each subject will be using the same materials and curriculum...meaning all students will get the same level of rigorous instruction no matter what teacher they have.
  • Standards have changed in the past few years...these materials are aligned with the newest versions of the standards.

What are These Programs?

  • Wit and Wisdom is a literature based ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum that teaches students to think, analyze, and understand what they read. Students are exposed to a variety of art, poems, articles, short stories, and novels.

  • Ready is a math curriculum that uses manipulative and new strategies to help students master the standards...while working to build skills they may have missed along the way.