Jalen S. and Laura W., seniors at Halls High School, were recently awarded the 2023 Skilled Trades – 3M Transformational Scholarship for students pursuing skilled trade industries. This fall, Jalen and Laura will both attend TCAT Northwest – Newbern to continue their education, with Jalen pursuing Welding and Laura pursuing Computer Aided Design (CAD).

This scholarship, sponsored by 3M’s Safety and Industrial Business Group, and the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), will allow schools to help students from diverse backgrounds pursue their dreams in skilled trades while also bridging the gaps of inequality in our communities.

3M and NC3 awarded 50 students, who participated in the NC3 National Career and Technical Education Letter of Intent Signing Day, with a $1,000 scholarship. Created by NC3 in 2014, this event is modeled after the NCAA’s National Signing Day for athletes. It is designed to honor students who are entering a technical field and to celebrate the dignity of work. 3M is proud to sponsor this scholarship, as it reflects the company’s commitment to lifting diverse perspectives and developing the next generation of leaders. Both are important elements in the Safety and Industrial Group’s mission of transforming the way work gets done today and into the future.