Seniors at Ripley and Halls High Schools will graduate this week.  Ripley's graduation will occur on Thursday, May 19th at 7:00PM.  Halls’ graduation will occur on Friday, May 20th, at 7:00PM.  Tickets will not be issued unless inclement weather occurs and ceremonies must be relocated indoors.

There's no greater recognition of a graduate's achievements than the high school graduation ceremony.  Each student deserves the privilege of a public celebration that recognizes the significance of their achievement and encourages them to continue the pursuit of learning throughout their lives.  We appreciate our graduates and their guests for taking this ceremony seriously by respecting each senior's moment as he or she receives a diploma.  Guests are asked to arrive on time, remain in the stands at all times, and not distract from the event by arriving after the ceremony has started. 

While recognizing the importance of the graduation ceremonies, students and guests are requested to be respectful of the formality of the occasion and refrain from celebrations that are disruptive.  In order to ensure that all graduates' names are clearly heard by the audience, it is requested that excessive applause and other loud forms of student recognition, such as air horns, etc., be withheld until after all graduates have received their diplomas.

To accommodate those who may be unable to attend the ceremony, a live stream will be provided again this year.  Below are the links for each event.  These events will be streamed live and will be saved to the district's YouTube channel for future viewing.

Thanks for making these events special for our students!