Introducing iPads into the classroom setting will bring education to life for students. They have unlimited access to valuable information and communication tools using the iPad because interactive technology makes learning more engaging and memorable.

Lauderdale County Schools are putting two iPad carts in each school building. A team of 14 staff members has been trained in order to go back to their schools and train teachers on how to use iPads meaningfully in the classroom. Kevin Sheppard, Apple iPad trainer, spent three days with the group last week communicating all of the knowledge needed to go back and share with classroom teachers.

iPads transform the way we teach and learn. They are powerful, creative tools, interactive textbooks, and a universe of apps and content that makes for endless learning possibilities. Having iPads in the classroom will allow for personalized learning, enhance engagement, learning beyond the classroom, and prepares students for future careers... all on a device that students love to use.