RHS Parents,

More than 700 students come to Ripley High each day and follow the rules and do what is asked of them by their teachers and administrators.  We would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to these students and their parents for being the best part of RHS. There are many academic and extracurricular programs being offered to students and many of our students are taking advantage of and excelling at these opportunities.  It is our goal to continue to expand these offerings and improve the experience for all students.  

Over the last several weeks, unfortunate events in our community have spilled over into the operations at Ripley High School.  As a result, a very small number of students have made poor decisions and choose to willfully and persistently violate school rules.  Many of those students are dealing with the consequences of their actions and have also been referred to juvenile authorities for their poor choices.

In an effort to address the issues spilling over from our community, district and school officials have met with Ripley Police Department, Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department, juvenile court administrator, school resources officers, city mayor, county mayor, and the district attorney’s office.  All have pledged their support in dealing with the unfortunate community issues causing disruptions at our school.  We employ full-time school resources officers but also have partnered with local law enforcement for additional officers who do periodic patrols through the school as a precaution.

When students have issues or conflicts, we ask that you encourage them to see an adult in the building or you may schedule a time to directly address any issues with the school.  RHS has social workers, administrators, teachers, counselors, and school resource officers available to assist students who may be experiencing conflict.  For those who chose to address their issues by violating school rules, please know there will be severe consequences for those actions.  Students will be disciplined accordingly and will be referred to the juvenile authorities when necessary.  Please talk to your child about making the right choices.

Again, thank you to the students who make the right choices and to the parents who continue to support our school.  We care too much about Ripley High and its students to let a few take away from the great things happening each day.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact school administration.

Thank you and GO TIGERS!!!

Stephen Byrd – RHS Principal

Shawn Kimble - Superintendent