Lauderdale County Schools Participate in #EPSOWeek2020

During the first semester of school, 100% of Seniors in Lauderdale County Schools have completed their application for TN Promise. TN Promise provides Tennessee high school graduates the opportunity to attend a community or technical college for free.

Our goal is not only for our students to complete applications but to pursue and have postsecondary success. LCSs provide access to rigorous and relevant Early Postsecondary Opportunities (EPSO) by partnering with many postsecondary institutions and offering coursework for our students through dual enrollment, dual credit, advanced placement, and industry certifications. Research has shown that students who participate in EPSO courses are more likely to enroll and persist in postsecondary and earn better college grades.

Early postsecondary opportunities allow students to:

  • earn postsecondary credits while in high school.
  • become familiar with postsecondary expectations.
  • develop confidence and skills for success in postsecondary.
  • make informed postsecondary and career decisions.
  • decrease the time and cost of completing a certificate or degree.

Counselors at each school have scheduled a week of events centered around the knowledge and promotion of EPSOs. Activities range from daily announcements about EPSO at each respective school, trivia questions, prizes, spotlights of EPSO courses, highlighting industry certifications, Google Classroom posts, College T-Shirt days, virtual college tours, interview videos promoting EPSOs, and much more.