Say "hello" to chat and much more in the Lauderdale app. Parents/Guardians will use the Lauderdale app for district and school news, events, dining, and more. This fall, LCS family-school communications is moving to Rooms. Rooms shows class specific announcements and classroom behavior, and allows for direct messages to be sent between families and teachers. Rooms fully integrates into our district app so there is one app for everything. Rooms access invites will be sent in early August via email. Check in with your child(ren)'s school(s) to be sure that your most accurate email address is on file. Download the Lauderdale app and enable notifications.

What is Rooms?

Rooms is an in-classroom two way communication tool for families and teachers to use.

This unified communication system is for parents and guardians to communicate with their student's teachers. Rooms is accessible through the Lauderdale County Schools app.

Why is Lauderdale County Schools using Rooms?

LCS is making it easier to stay in touch with teachers and class information. While using the LCS app, you can easily switch from district and school information to Rooms, where you can see your student's classes and engage directly with teachers.

Rooms can be accessed via the web and from our district app, which is available for free and can be used from both Apple and Android phones.

To access Rooms, you will need to create a login and password.

Magic Code Tutorial Video

Mobile App and Rooms Orientation Video

Let's Get Connected: Rooms Informational Video

Rooms Launch Video

How should families use Rooms?

The purpose of this information is to serve as a general guide for ensuring effective communication from families to LCS teachers, staff and administrators. Communication refers to both the sending and receiving of information, such as email and Rooms messages, and verbal communications such as telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings. In order to ensure a successful exchange of information, it is important that all parties follow a few key principles.

Maintain Respectful and Open Communication

Always use a respectful and polite tone.

Request, don’t demand.

Be ready not just to provide information, but to listen to teacher/staff observations and perspectives.

Enter the exchange with an open mind and assume a shared best interest for your child.

Be prepared to work collaboratively to solve problems.

Respect Confidentiality

Recognize that confidentiality may limit information that can be shared from school to parents, including consequences for other students’ behaviors.

Allow Time to Respond to Communications

Teachers will observe quiet hours from 3:30 PM until 7:00 AM. During this time, teachers may choose to respond to parent communications, but are not obligated to do so.

Teachers will make every effort to respond within two (2) school days to parent communications, with the understanding that teachers may need additional time to collect needed information before appropriately responding.

Know Who To Contact

Most communications of classroom concerns should be directed at first to your child’s teacher. 

If you have an issue with a particular staff member, first try to address those concerns with that staff member directly.

If you have discussed with your child’s teacher and the issue has not been addressed to your satisfaction, you should then contact a member of the school administration team.

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Where to begin?

Step 1: Download the Lauderdale County Schools App

Lauderdale County Schools App for Android

Lauderdale County Schools App for iOS

Step 2: Accept your Rooms invite on Monday, August 14th.

Check your personal email inbox for a Rooms invitation. To complete the sign up, click the link to create your password and log in.

edurooms Hello Herbert. Lauderdale is inviting you to finish creating your Rooms account and connect to the students below: Thomas Bennett Create a password

Need to update your email address?

To access Rooms, at least one up-to-date email address must be provided to the district. If you need to provide us with an updated email address, click here to complete our form.