Core Values, Mission, and Vision

We Value:

  • The academic achievement and social development of all children.
  • An environment conducive to learning – clean, safe, respectful and positive.
  • The involvement of parents in the education of their children.
  • Quality teachers and administrators who are competent, passionate and put children first.
  • Accountability in all things and the use of sound, accurate data in decision-making.

Our Mission:

To provide each child with the education and tools needed to be productive citizens.

Our Vision:

Our students will experience high academic achievement; be prepared for college or the workforce upon graduation; and have a positive impact on the economic growth of Lauderdale County.

Articulation of Core Values

Children:We place the best interest of children at the center of all we do.

Academic Achievement & Social Development:We strive to ensure that each child achieves academically, develops socially and matures into a responsible young adult.

Parental Involvement:We welcome and respect parents as our partners in their child’s education.

The Learning Environment:We work to create in each school an environment that is clean, safe, respectful, positive and conducive to learning.

Quality Teachers and Administrators:We expect teachers and administrators to be competent, passionate and focused on children.

Accountability:We pledge to be accountable for results at all levels and to use sound, accurate data to drive all decisions.