Chess Club

Chess Club Advisor—Doug Billings

The RMS Chess Club is open to all students and staff interested in learning and playing the game of chess. The chess club members come to play, to learn, to teach, and get together with one common interest—playing chess. Fun, Fellowship, and Friendly Competition is what the Ripley Middle School Chess Club is all about. All the members are in a club of like-minded people who have a desire to learn the game or improve his or her skills.

“Where every game begins and ends with a handshake.”

—RMS Chess Club Maxim—

  • The RMS Chess Club started with ten students in September 2016. Membership has grown exponentially and by January 2017 the roll doubled to twenty active members.
  • On January 28, 2017 five members of the RMS Chess Club competed in their first competition at the Tennessee State Scholastic Individual Chess Tournament, which was held in Memphis, Tennessee. It was an exciting and enriching experience for our participating members.
  • Each player represented himself and RMS with great decorum and dignity. Our very own Alex Padezhki won the Top Region 4 Unrated Player trophy in the Junior High School Division.
  • March 4, 2017 found six members competing in the 2017 Tennessee State Scholastic Team Chess Tournament held in Memphis, Tennessee. It was a great event and again, the RMS Chess Club was competitive, represented themselves and RMS well, and each participant had a grand time.