Shawn KimbleAll Lauderdale County Schools are implementing a new Positive Behavior Support initiative. Positive Behavior Support is a proven approach to meet the behavioral and social needs of all students. The purpose is to foster a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment to enhance learning. In Lauderdale County, this initiative is known as ROAR and it promotes Responsibility, Optimism, Accountability, and Respect. Desired behaviors and clear expectations are directly taught and modeled consistenly in each school and grade level. Students receive positive feedback when these behaviors are noticed on school property or during school activities. ROAR requires a commitment of the entire community, including educators, school support staff, parents, students and all citizens to teach and reinforce positive behavior even beyond the school day. This team effort will help students build the social skills and behavioral habits needed to be successful. For more information on how you can help reinforce ROAR behaviors at home, please feel free to contact your child's principal.

Shawn Kimble