Secondary Education/Career and Technical Education

Secondary education (Grades 9-12) in Lauderdale County adheres to policies and laws established by the Tennessee State Board of Education and Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA).

All students will have access to a rigorous education that will prepare them for success in postsecondary and the workforce. All coursework will be aligned to the Tennessee Academic Standards for the subject and course. (https://www.tn.gov/education/instruction/academic-standards.html)

All students will meet minimum course graduation requirements. Lauderdale County students are required to have 26 credits to earn a high school diploma.

Detailed information may be found at this link: https://www.tn.gov/education/instruction/graduation-requirements.html

The graduation requirements and additional courses required for postsecondary/workforce readiness will be tied to the vision of the high school graduate and to the Tennessee Academic Standards. Additionally, students must participate in a U. S. Civics assessment and students must complete the ACT or SAT prior to graduation.

Lauderdale County Schools offer general and career technical education courses. Postsecondary experiences include dual enrollment courses through area higher education institutions and statewide dual credit courses. Industry certifications are offered through designated high school courses and through dual enrollment opportunities.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Tennessee Scholars Program, a workforce development, rewards and incentives HONOR for students who graduate high school with the required courses and additional expectations of attendance, discipline, and volunteer service. It is open to all students who qualify. (http://www.tennesseescholars.org)

Graduating students are enrolled in the TNPromise. Tennessee Promise is both a scholarship and mentoring program focused on increasing the number of students that attend college in our state. It provides students a last-dollar scholarship, meaning the scholarship will cover the cost of tuition and mandatory fees not covered by the Pell grant, the HOPE scholarship, or the Tennessee Student Assistance Award. Students may use the scholarship at any of the state’s 13 community colleges, 27 colleges of applied technology, or other eligible institution offering an associate degree program. (http://tnpromise.gov/about.shtml)

For information or questions concerning Grades 9-12, contact Ms. Susan Farris, Director of Secondary and Career Technical Education. sfarris@mail.lced.net