School Support Organizations

A School Support Organization is any external non-profit group or organization whose sole purpose is to support a particular school. Only organizations that have been approved by the Superintendent and annually submit the required agreement, reports and financial statements will be recognized as a School Support Organization. In accordance with T.C.A. 49-2-601 and LCS School Board Policy 2.404, all officially recognized school support organizations must be posted on the website. Only a group or organization that has entered into a written cooperative agreement with the school district may use the name, mascot or logo of a school or the school district to solicit or raise money, materials, property, securities, services, or other items of value. An organization may not claim to be a School Support Organization for any school within the Lauderdale County School District unless it is listed on this website.

 School Support Organizations that have been approved for the 2020-2021 school year are:

Halls High Athletic Booster Club

Halls Band Boosters

Halls Elementary PTO

Ripley Middle Tiger Club

Ripley High Softball Booster Club

Ripley High FFA Alumni Chapter

Ripley High Baseball Booster Club

* Ripley High Football Booster Club

* Ripley Primary PTO

*Ripley Elementary PTO

*Halls High FFA Alumni Chapter