Lauderdale County Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, creed, religion or handicap in the operation of its educational programs and activities including employment practices.

Certified Personnel

The Personnel Department of Lauderdale County Schools seeks to locate and hire the best and most qualified teachers and administrators for the children of the Lauderdale County School System. In order to accomplish this task, a sincere, dedicated effort is made to attract many qualified applicants to our school system. In order to do this, Lauderdale County participates in several Teacher Fairs and other recruiting methods with many colleges and universities. Information about Lauderdale County Schools is located in the reference libraries in the Career and Placement offices at these universities.

Classified Personnel

A well-run school system depends on the abilities and talents of many individuals who contribute greatly to the development and nurturing of children in and out of the classroom. These individuals perform many tasks and duties which are extremely vital to an excellent school system. Persons in these dynamic job positions are: bookkeepers, bus drivers, custodians, data entry personnel, food service personnel, maintenance personnel, receptionists, secretaries, substitute teachers and teacher assistants.

Persons interested in obtaining employment in any of these categories should apply online by clicking the link "Apply Online" at the top of the Personnel page. Supporting documents such as resumes, certifications, PRAXIS Scores, letters of recommendation should be uploaded to your application through this system as well.

Lauderdale County is located in the northwest corner of Tennessee approximately 68 miles north of Memphis, Tennessee. It is forty-five (45) miles west of Jackson, Tennessee, a city of approximately 60,000 population, and twenty (20) miles south of Dyersburg, Tennessee, a city of approximately 23,000 population. Lauderdale County is twelve (12) miles from the Mississippi River and thirty-five (35) miles from Reelfoot Lake. Three (3) of the towns of Lauderdale County are right on Highway 51 (a four lane highway connecting Fulton, Kentucky to Memphis, Tennessee). It is very likely that this section of Highway 51 will become a part of the soon to be constructed Highway #69 which will connect Canada to Mexico. This should bring many businesses, industries, and tourist sights and facilities to Lauderdale County and the surrounding area.

The county seat of Lauderdale County is Ripley, Tennessee, population of approximately 6,700 people. The town of Halls is in the northern end of the county and has a population of approximately 3,200. These two towns house the eight (8) schools of the Lauderdale County School System. Two smaller towns, Henning and Gates, each have a population of roughly 500 persons in the county. The total county population of Lauderdale County is approximately 29,000. There are approximately 5,000 students who attend the eight (8) Lauderdale County schools.

Lauderdale County is basically a rural, agricultural community with a few industries located within the county and there is a strong commitment upon the part of city and county officials to attract more industry to the county. A benefit of working and/or residing in Lauderdale County is to work and/or live in a small rural area which exhibits traditional values, attitudes, and morals and still have access within a short, easy driving distance to shopping venues, activities, and entertainment associated with metropolitan areas. Within a two hour radius of Lauderdale County are twenty-six (26) colleges and universities.

We are extremely proud of the people, towns, businesses, and schools of Lauderdale County, Tennessee. We would like to extend an invitation to you to come and visit us, and hopefully, you will want to become a part of our exemplary school system.

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