Lottery for Education: After-School Programs (LEAPS)

  • In November 2002, Tennesseans voted to create a state lottery. The General Assembly established that profits from the lottery go toward specific educational programs: college scholarships, early childhood programs and after-school programs.

    As provided under TCA 49-6-702, 100 percent of monies constituting an unclaimed prize shall be deposited into an after-school account for the purpose of administering a system of competitive grants and technical assistance for eligible organizations providing after-school educational programs within Tennessee.

    The overall goal of Lottery for Education: After-school Programs (LEAPs) is to provide Tennessee students with academic enrichment opportunities that reinforce and complement the regular academic program.

    Additional Information

    Programs established must be designed to reinforce and complement the regular academic program of participating students. All activities must be educationally based. Such programs must include:

    • Services to students on an average of 15 hrs. per week;
    • Reading skills development and enhancement;
    • Math or science skills development and enhancement;
    • Computer literacy and skills development;
    • Academic mentoring or tutorial assistance; and
    • Sports or leisure opportunities.

    Eligible Participants

    • Youth 5-18 years old and enrolled in elementary or secondary school;
    • 50 percent of students enrolled must also meet one of the following criteria:
    • qualify for free/reduced lunch;
    • be at risk of educational disadvantage and failure due to circumstances of abuse, neglect or disability;
    • be at risk of state custody due to family dysfunction;
    • be enrolled in and attending a public school failing to make adequate yearly progress (AYP);
    • be attending a public school, including a public charter school, instead of a public school failing to make AYP as a result of parent choice; or
    • be at risk of failing one or more subjects or are behind grade level by at least one year

    However, preference shall be given to programs that maintain an enrollment of children of which at least 80 percent of the students enrolled meet one of the criteria above.

Lauderdale County Schools have three schools that participate in LEAPs: Ripley Primary, Ripley Middle, and Halls Elementary. These schools have an early morning and after-school program at each site.

Morning Program: Monday - Friday, 6:45 - 7:45 am

After-School Program: Monday - Thursday, 3:15 - 5:45 pm