Lauderdale County School System

Benefits Package Information

Personal Days: Each certified employee is allotted three (3) personal days of absence from their duties each school year. Two (2) of the personal days, if not used, roll over and accumulate as sick days.

Sick Days: Each certified employee is allotted one (1) sick day per month which are cumulative, if not used, producing a total of ten (10) sick days per year.

Perfect Attendance: At the end of the school year, all employees who have a record of perfect attendance during the school year split a pot of money set aside to reward perfect attendance. Personal and Sick Days do not count towards this.

Pay Days: All certified personnel are paid on the 28th of the month. Starting in July 2014, all employees will be required to be on direct deposit. There are three local banks working with the school system to establish direct deposit accounts if the employee does not have a current bank account.

On-Line Paycheck Stubs/PD Training: We utilize MyBenefitsChannel.com to provide access up to two (2) years of paycheck stubs from your Tablet, Smartphone or computer. This system also allows us to complete mandatory training requirements such as Blood Born Pathogens, Sexual Harassment Training, Child Abuse Training and Professional Development type training.

Direct Deposit: Beginning in July 2014, we will be moving all our staff to direct deposit accounts. Employees will have the option of utilizing an existing account or utilizing an account created through three of our local banks: Bank of Ripley, Lauderdale County Bank, or Bank of Halls.

Health Insurance: Certified personnel have the choice of participating in the State Partnership for Health plans under Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN or Cigna. Both plans carry three levels of participation: Partnership PPO; Standard PPO and the new Limited PPO. Currently the School Board pays 90% of the plan the employee elects for individual, individual + child (ren), individual + spouse or family plan. With the new Health Care Reform (HCR), this is subject to change in the near future.

Dental Insurance: Certified personnel have the option of participating in dental coverage through Ameritas. Payroll deductions would be based on the level of coverage selected.

Life Insurance: Teachers may purchase through payroll deduction a term-life policy up to $100,000 at a very affordable rate beginning at $.15 per $1000. You may also purchase coverage for a spouse up to $10,000 at the same rate and up to $10,000 for child(ren) at $3.16 per family unit. This policy is through Voluntary Life Insurance. You may also purchase Life Insurance through USAble Life as well.

Other Insurance: Teachers may also purchase Short-term or Long-term Disability, Coronary Care Insurance and/or Intensive Care Insurance through USAble Life.

Cancer Insurance: Teachers may participate in a cancer insurance program through USAble Life. Amount of deductions would depend on the amount and type of coverage selected. We are entertaining the use of AFLAC and Family Heritage as additional options in the future.

Cafeteria Plan: Any of the above mentioned medical plans/coverages may be deducted through a cafeteria plan arrangement which reduces the amount of taxes paid out by the employee. We offer a Flexible Spending Plan through TASC FlexSystem. This program allows the individual to determine what amount they want to set aside for the year to be used to cover deductibles, prescription cost, etc. That amount is deducted in 10 equal payroll deductions. Beginning this year, the law now allows an individual the ability to roll over up to $500 to the next term year if needed.

TN Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS): In the state of Tennessee teachers currently contribute through payroll deduction approximately five (5) percent of their gross salary to the retirement system. The currently contributes approximately eight (8) percent on your behalf. TCRS will be changing its current structure to a new system beginning July 1, 2014.

Technology/Laptop/Tablet: Each certified teacher is issued a wireless laptop computer (MacBooks) loaded with internet access, email, grading program, Microsoft Office, and many other software applications. Recently a grant was obtained to provide some teachers with tablets for continued classroom instruction capabilities utilizing technology.

Lower Cost of Living: Figures and statistics from local and state agencies indicate that individuals living in Lauderdale County do experience a lower cost of living whether it be in the area of housing, groceries, medicines, property taxes, entertainment, shopping, clothing, etc.