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LCS Introduces Targeted Learning Series & Summer Learning Programs to Provide Extra Support to Students

In an effort to provide additional educational support to our students, Lauderdale County Schools will begin an online Targeted Learning Series for all students in Grades 1-12 in the subjects of English/Language Arts (ELA) and Math. Beginning in early February, this online service will be available to any student who wants or needs extra assistance.  LIVE instruction and homework assistance will be offered for students who log-on during the specified times for their grade level.  This is made possible by the district assigning computer devices to all of its students in early December.

Teachers from LCS will lead the live instruction and will target specific skills that are the most critical to the success of students’ mastery of grade-level expectations. Schools and teachers will be working to identify specific skills that students need the most help on and then plan lessons to target these skills. This is a 10-week effort that will be initially offered 4 days per week with any needed adjustments to follow.  Schools are working to expand live, online instructional opportunities for students who are on full-remote learning and hybrid, alternating days.

Knowing that there will be an impact on learning due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, LCS will also provide a 6-week Summer Instructional Program for students who need additional support or may be interested in participating to stay on track.  The Targeted Learning Series and Summer Instructional Program will be open to any and all students, but schools will work with families to identify students who would benefit the most. 

These supports are not short-term efforts and will be followed by similar initiatives throughout the next 2 school years. The 6-week Summer Program will also be available in the summer of 2022 with a 4 week program planned for the summer of 2023.  The district plans to provide specific, ongoing learning support for all students impacted by this pandemic.

We have experienced unprecedented times due to the global pandemic and will be working deliberately over the next three years to offer extended learning opportunities to offset any disrupted learning our students may have experienced. We will continue to provide more details and specifics regarding the Summer Program and the Targeted Learning Series in the coming days and weeks, including more information on Kindergarten initiatives.