The Tennessee Department of Education is partnering with PBS stations across the state to offer 1st-8th grade students up to 30 hours of standards-aligned instructional lessons per week during times of COVID-19 school closures.  Broadcast programming, developed by the Tennessee Department of Education in partnership with teachers across the state, will cover English language arts (ELA) and math for first through sixth grades. For seventh and eighth graders, recorded video lessons will be available online starting April 13th.

Accompanying lesson plans and work packets will be posted on the department’s website for teachers and families to use, adapt, and build upon. You may access the lesson plans and student work packets at www.tn.gov/education/pbsteaching.

The department will also make all videos available on its YouTube channel after they air:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJfNpi5SA9qcxi6BrIcnnXA