Alternative Learning Academy

    Alternative Learning Academy

    192 Viar Ave.

    Ripley, TN 38063



    The mission of the Lauderdale County Alternative Learning Academy is to help students succeed academically and socially while improving their attitudes, behaviors, and skills.


    Principal: Billie Young

    Assistant Principal: Golden Howard

    School Contacts

    Daphne Barbee, Grades 3-6 teacher

    Doug Crowder, History Teacher

    Ollie Fields, Family Resources Center

    Golden Howard, Assistant Principal & 6-8 Math/Science Teacher

    Marilyn Pearson, Administrative Assistant

    Marion Rouser, ELA Teacher

    Marva Temple, ESS Clerk

    Billie Young, Principal

    Dress Code


    • Solid black, white, or gray polo style shirt, long or short sleeve, with collar.
    • A maximum of three buttons allowed.
    • Shirts must be appropriately sized and tucked in with belt visible.
    • No pockets, logos, patterns, words or symbols should be visible.
    • Shirt must be clean and in good condition. No holes, frayed edges, missing buttons, etc.
    • Students may wear one white t-shirt, turtleneck, or thermal shirt under their polo shirt.


    • Must be khaki (dress style) or plain blue jeans with a maximum of four pockets.
    • No cargo style pants, low-rise or skinny cut pants are allowed, nor form fitting, denim or stretch material.
    • Pants must be the appropriate size. No baggy or sagging pants are allowed. Pants must be worn within an inch of the natural waistline and should not touch the ground.
    • All pants must have belt loops. No elastic at the waist or at the ankles.

    Shoes & Socks

    • Shoes must be solid white, solid black, or solid brown.
    • White, black, or brown shoelaces must be tied securely at all times with the bow visible.
    • White, black, or brown socks must be worn.


    • A black or brown leather belt must be looped through all loops. Belt buckles must be plain and less than two inches in diameter.

    No clothing other than undergarments may be worn beneath pants. This includes gym shorts, tights or leggings. NO HOODIES ARE TO BE WORN! ALL JACKETS WILL BE REMOVED WHEN THE STUDENT ENTERS THE BUILDING. JACKETS CANNOT BE WORN IN THE CLASSROOM!

    The following items are not allowed:

    • Makeup
    • Colored contacts
    • Jewelry of any kind. This includes watches, rings, body piercings,
    • Ear gauges and spacers
    • Purses, backpacks, wallets,
    • Electronic devices