Spelling Bee
James Barbee
Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Students at Ripley Middle School participated in the annual school spelling bee.  The top three winners for each grade level were awarded engraved medals. 

6th Grade (front left to right) Nickalis Powell (1st Place), Cody Cross (2nd Place), and Alex Caldwell (3rd Place)
7th Grade (middle left to right) Joshua Hearn (1st Place), Lakavious Stokes (2nd Place), and Morgan Simpson (3rd Place)
8th Grade (back left to right) Foster Dyson (1st Place), Taylor Carney (2nd Place), and Taylor Beasley (3rd Place)

Additionally, the top three overall winners at the school-wide level were awarded trophies. 

(Left to right) Liam Fullen - 3rd Place, Joshua Hearn - 1st Place, and Taylor Beasley - 2nd Place. 

Joshua Hearn, a 7th grader, also qualified to compete in the Tennessee Titans Regional Spelling Bee in Nashville by scoring in the top 50 on an online test.